Hi , I am Waqas.

android developer


A Mind Mapping App that that exports high quality PNG,JPG and PDFs , very customizable supporting many features

July 2022


A Simple Drawing or Sketching App

July 2022


PDF Editor app that allows to view and edit PDF documents

July 2022

Photo Editor

A photo editor app that allows editing photos

July 2022

Simple Scanner

A document scanner app built with OpenCV, Detects cropping and crops it

July 2022

Easy To Do

A Task Management app that allows managing tasks and creating reminders

July 2022


A Material Designed Web & Android App inspired by Google Keep to make notes and organize your information.

March 2021

React Staggered Grid

This is a npm package that creates a staggered grid in React

June 2021


Online react application that allows the users to make academic time tables.

August 2020

Compose Draggable List

Its a Jetpack Compose library for android that creates a draggable list

August 2021

Music Landing Page

A Wordpress Plugin I built in PHP that helps creates a landing page for songs linking to different stores its available in

August 2019